More About Me

My Mission

I simply love houses and the Pacific Northwest! As a Realtor since 1998 and a Seattle native I try and pass along my enthusiasm to everyone I come into contact with both personally and professionally. What could be better than living in a community where jeans and fleece are considered the state uniform and can be worn for any occasion? A sunny day in May is accepted as a legitimate excuse to take the day off work. And if outdoor fun in the form of hiking, camping, kayaking or skiing can be considered our favorite activity, then a close second is home improvement.
I'm committed to establishing long-term relationships and love to help people find homes that they will enjoy for years to come. If that means spending six months searching for the perfect home, then that's what we will do.
My goal is to provide excellent customer service and to exceed your expectations. I strive to be pro-active to help both buyers and sellers avoid surprises. You've hired me to assist you with the things you don't know, and to help you look at issues from a different perspective.

When I'm not selling houses

My husband Josh and I spend most waking moments parenting our two children Gryffin and Trista. Since this big change (parenthood!) I've had to find new hobbies. Our one camping trip when Gryffin was 11 months old was a disastrous 16 hours. Similarly, our hike at Mt. Rainier turned into a six-hour mosquito-infested forced march that no one really enjoyed after we ran out of frosted animal cookies. Lately we are enjoying "hikes" around Green Lake and day trips to Golden Gardens beach. When I do get a moment, I like to spend quality time with my iPod and running shoes.