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Green Lake


In a region where everything that is outdoors is "in" the Green Lake neighborhood has proven to be universally popular. Dominated by Green Lake Park, the neighborhood literally revolves around it. The lake is entirely surrounded by parkland and has thousands of visitors daily. The result is that there are no waterfront homes on this lake and it is enjoyed by all.

There are two commercial areas in the neighborhood. One on the east side of the lake and one to the north. Both are mainly dominated by restaurants and casual cafes. A very popular weekend activity is to walk (or wheel, skate, jog etc.) Green Lake's 2.8 mile path and follow up your stroll with lunch or a latte.

Housing is quite diverse with everything from two-bedroom bungalows built in the 1920s, to new construction townhouses and condos with the occasional million dollar view property. The variety of activities available at the park draw in an equally diverse group of residents.