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Self-proclaimed Artistic Republic and "Center of the Universe"; Fremont is a fusion neighborhood where the artist meets the computer geek.

Located just north of the Ship Canal, Fremont was known as a haven for artists and musicians through most of its history. The Fremont Abbey Arts Center is located less than a mile from Google and Adobe Systems. Getty Images bridges the gap somewhat by combining art and high-tech. The neighborhood is truly an "urban village" where you can live, work, play and shop within a half-mile radius.

All this contrast makes for a really fun and creative atmosphere. The yearly Solstice Parade is one of the best-attended events of the summer and results in an all day party for the entire neighborhood.

Fremont is also home to some diverse public art. The "Waiting For the Interurban" statue is decorated and photographed daily. It has recently been expanded with the addition of the "Late for the Interurban" statue that shows JP Patches and Gertrude running to catch the train. The Fremont Troll (accompanied by his Volkswagen Beetle) lives under the Aurora Bridge. A bronze statue of Lenin (rescued from a cow pasture in Issaquah) strides boldly through the commercial district. And the Fremont Rocket (55 feet of 1950s high-tech style) has permanently landed at Evanston and N. 36th St. The rocket proudly proclaims Fremont's motto: "De Libertas Quirkas" or "Freedom to be Peculiar." I think that sums it up nicely.

Housing styles in the neighborhood are as diverse as the residents. 1920s Craftsman bungalows sit side-by-side with new construction townhouses. Condo conversions abound and a few large homes can be found up the hill north of the commercial district.